What Happens When You Are Drinking Sahelwa?

  • You are taking the perfectly balanced essential minerals into your body.
  • You are eliminating the excess activated oxygen in your body that is the main cause of illness.
  • You are removing the unnecessary free radicals for your body.


  • You are stabilizing and balancing your body’s acidity and alkalinity.
  • You are ensured of bacteria-free drink
  • You are enhancing your digestive system


  • You are making a hormone balance and thus controlling stress and other hormonal issues.
  • You are regenerating a very healthy and young skin.
  • You are cleansing your body by detoxifying toxins and other allergic effects.


Michael Koh, Online Entrepreneur  Micheal Koh

“I was first in touch with saffron in 2008 and I thought it is something not so special but after I drank sahelwa for the first time, I felt energized in more natural way and more focused. It is like getting healthier in a natural way.”



Bilal Ahmed Bhat  bilal

“It is my heartiest privilege to introduce Sahelwa Energy Drink, the first of its kind. My personal experience with the incredible benefits of Saffron makes me to assure you that Sahelwa will guarantee a rejuvenated effect once consumed. I have just launched the product and I am already getting an overwhelming response. Hope you try Sahelwa to reap the positive energy.”

Venkatesh Rajandran  DEFAULT2

“Few months back I was feeling very low and morale and energy. I used to wake up late with no proper sleep. Thanks to Sahelwa, my life changed a lot. Now I feel afresh.”

Ahmed Taif 

“I am a gym trainer based in Malaysia. In my two decades of profession, I have not found a match of Sahelwa that is really a great starter for me to start a great tough day.”

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