Science Behind Sahelwa

Learn About The Amazing Ingredients Of Sahelwa

science behind sahelwa


First and Only of its Kind in the World – Sahelwa is an appetizing energy drink with magical ingredients of finest Kashmiri saffron and  incredible Cell-Gen Activated Hydrogen Water. Sahelwa is a chiefly powerful Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging  energy drink that rejuvenates you and makes you feel younger.

Water is a very essential element for us. But more importantly it is the quality and the composition of the drinking water that really counts. Normally water is capable of transporting minerals and trace element to all organs in our body, thereby helping in keeping our physiology balanced.


As an add-on, Water with Activated Hydrogen (AH) and Nutritional Ionic Minerals can do all these processes very effectively. Moreover when the composition is having a proper variation of finely processed Saffron, then the composition forms the elixir that is blessed with incredible merits of saffron and activated Hydrogen water.


To prevent cell oxidation (aging of cells) and to improvise the body immune system, Sahelwa mineral combine with Activated Oxygen to influence assimilation of large amounts of enzymes. This is known as Anti-Oxidation process.


When Sahelwa mineral(s) dissolves in water, we get large amounts of Activated Hydrogen and other Saffron components. Activated Hydrogen combines with excess Activated Oxygen or Free Radical Oxygen to form “PURE WATER (H2O)”. This is known as deoxidization process.

Other Essential Ionic  & Trace Minerals

With added essential ionic and trace minerals, Sahelwa supplements our body  with minerals that have been depleted over many years.

Good Natural Mineral Balance

Sahelwa makes up our diet that usually lacks essential minerals and vitamins. Sahelwa forms the excellent mineral mix necessary to sustain healthy life.


Sahelwa diminishes and neutralises the potential hazard that may be caused by excessive Active Oxygen in our body. This is achieved by converting  the Active Oxygen into PURE WATER (H2O). Sahelwa also helps to hydrate our cells & tissues that in turn maintain our body water (osmotic) balance.


Activated Hydrogen, present in Sahelwa,  combines with excess Oxygen, depriving bacteria its much needed oxygen to survive, thereby leaving no room for bacteria.

Stable & Good pH Balance

Sahelwa Ionic Mineral(s) and Trace Mineral(s) with large amounts of Extra-ordinary Natural Activated Hydrogen helps maintain stable & good pH balance. When Active Oxygen & Free Radical Oxygen in our body cells and tissues are neutralized and converted to pure water, it helps to maintain the pH balance.


Because of food adulteration and environmental pollution around the living circles, there is always a threat of pathological changes to human body.  Sahelwa makes sure to clean and detoxify the body with micro-molecular cluster water.


The main reason for aging is the water content in body which normally flows away with time. Researchers have found that the specific gravity of water that infants possess is about 90%, while healthy adults possess 75% and senior people only about 60%. Rapid wrinkling are signs of cells dying due to cell dehydration. Sahelwa hydrates our cells and tissues with incredible active saffron chemicals.

Long Shelf Life

Sahelwa has much longer shelf life compared to a lot of other water or bottled water due to its excellent water qualities and incredible composition.


Michael Koh, Online Entrepreneur  Micheal Koh

“I was first in touch with saffron in 2008 and I thought it is something not so special but after I drank sahelwa for the first time, I felt energized in more natural way and more focused. It is like getting healthier in a natural way.”



Bilal Ahmed Bhat  bilal

“It is my heartiest privilege to introduce Sahelwa Energy Drink, the first of its kind. My personal experience with the incredible benefits of Saffron makes me to assure you that Sahelwa will guarantee a rejuvenated effect once consumed. I have just launched the product and I am already getting an overwhelming response. Hope you try Sahelwa to reap the positive energy.”

Venkatesh Rajandran  DEFAULT2

“Few months back I was feeling very low and morale and energy. I used to wake up late with no proper sleep. Thanks to Sahelwa, my life changed a lot. Now I feel afresh.”

Ahmed Taif 

“I am a gym trainer based in Malaysia. In my two decades of profession, I have not found a match of Sahelwa that is really a great starter for me to start a great tough day.”

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