Importance Of Water

Unclean and un-distilled Water Is Detrimental to Health.

Once we intake water, it permeates into all parts of our body, cells, tissues and other physiology. It helps the various body organs to function properly by dissolving salts and hormonal secretions. It also helps digestion and assimilation processes.

We can’t even stand if our body loses 10% of its water content and we would die if we lose 20% of the body water. Water plays a very essential role in maintaining a balanced physiology and mediating process like respiration, circulation and excretion.drink2

One more important role of water is to adjust our body temperature. Every 1 gram of human sweat discharges 600 calories of heat as a part of balancing the body temperature. During summers, our body discharges about 1,000ml of sweat per day (Average count). And during winters, about 200ml of sweat is being discharged(Average count). The human body will fall sick when our sweating function is not effective because the heat contained inside the body is not released. Thus water plays its role again to save our bodies to keep a proper temperature balance.

Meanwhile, heatstroke and dehydration can happen when approximately 5 litres of water is discharged continuously in one day without timely replacement. Anorexia (lack of appetite) happens when the body lack of water and salt.

The water inside our body will become lesser as we get older. It is a scientific fact that about 70 % of the weight of a human baby is composed of water. But as we grow older, the ratio decreases. This weakens body metabolism and could lead to illness. Study shows that sufficient water intake can prevent aging process to some extent.

One of the signs of shortage of water contents in our body cells is when our skin starts to wrinkle. As we get old, our body metabolic activities slow down. Water absorption rate decreases and as a result, the water content in our body reduces.

Sufficient water supply can also prevent cerebral haemorrhage and cardiovascular disease by washing out waste substances in the blood vessels. These diseases are mainly caused by thickened blood due to lack of water supply into our body. Drinking sufficient good quality water can help to dilute our blood and can prevent these illnesses.



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