What Is Sahelwa?

Sahelwa is purely a natural energy drink, a saffron product, to boost your vigor and agility. Sahelwa’s magical ingredient, Saffron, contains powerful anti oxidants, combined with CELL-GEN Activated Hydrogen Water that makes it a very potent anti-oxidant drink. It is an anti-aging nutrition for body.


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Who We Are?

With many exemplary start-ups to his credit,  Bilal Ahmad Bhat, Managing Director Kong Posh Industries and the face of furniture experts-Decon Designs, also has a passion for one of the most exclusive spices in the world – saffron. After all, he was raised in Kashmir – where this beautiful spice is cultivated – and it has long been a symbol for his company Kong Posh Industries.

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What We Do?

The saffron products by Bilal’s Kong Posh not only provides wellness for the body, but the Industries set up by Bilal also provides business to more than  250 strong farming communities in Kashmir, who rely on the saffron season and are boosted by Bilal’s moves to provide sustainability . It is is an appropriate full-circle for saffron, which has a positive effect on whomsoever it comes in contact with and also for Kong Posh.

saffron Cottage


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